Anonymous: I think some of the guys in your stage combat class honestly don't understand what you see in Blaine.

That’s their problem, not mine. I know what I see in Blaine, and what I see if my beautiful, amazing, perfectly imperfect fiance. They can think what they want, none of their opinions will change that I love Blaine, and I’ve always seen how perfect for me he is.

And if they really have a problem, then they don’t need to come to our wedding, though we all know it’ll be the social event of the season.

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Anonymous: Do you think about Finn a lot?

… That’s a complicated question. It’s not that I actively think about him, it’s that small things tend to remind me of him. Which… Is okay, I mean, I miss him, but I never want to forget him.

I just ….

All this time and I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that he’s gone. Sometimes I see Rachel sitting on the couch, and I expect to see him there with his arm over her shoulder. I keep thinking about how he would have been the best man at my wedding. And there’ll be days when I won’t think about him at all and something will just happened that will remind me of him, like a slap to the face.

I love Finn, he was my brother. It’s hard not to think about him, to be honest. But I know he wouldn’t want me to not move on with my life.

But yeah… I guess I think about him a lot still…

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Anonymous: What are your hardest classes? Easiest?

Hmm, it’s a give and take. Sometimes the easy classes are harder (like stage combat isn’t a hard class, but it has it’s moments) and sometimes you can breathe in the hard ones. All the art and theatre history classes are frustrating, but that’s only because I need to put so much work into them to get a good grade. The best classes are any of the masterclasses and critiques I get to take, and my private piano lessons. For some reason I just enjoy those more. 

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Anonymous: Stop making Blaine change his whole life around your opinions or standards. He shouldn't just have to drop classes because you have issues with having space.. you already made sure he moved out. Let him be.

… Excuse me? Firstly, he didn’t change or drop any of his classes for me. I made it very clear that his education is just as important as mine, and he’s entitled to take any classes he needs.

Secondly, I did not make him move out, we made that decision together. Maybe Blaine doesn’t realize it yet, but it was for his own good too; it was best for both of us. I love Blaine, dearly, but everyone needs space sometimes. And he needs a chance to find himself in the city without me next to him because, in case you didn’t notice, he hasn’t yet and he’s kind of depending on me too much. And I want him too go out and do that, not because it means I’ll have space, but because it will genuinely be good for him, college is about growing into who you are and he’s not giving himself a fighting chance.

And thirdly, this may come as a shock to you, anon, but you really don’t get an opinion on how I live my life or what happens in my relationship. Blaine and I try to work everything out to the best of our abilities, but we’re both still young and sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes we don’t communicate and sometimes… We get petty and passive… But that doesn’t mean that we don’t love each other and respect each other. So please refrain from telling me what to do, because everything I’ve done has only been to protect something very precious to me.

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No, it’s okay. Like I said, I’m really tired. I’m just going to try to get some sleep before tomorrow. Yeah. I’ll meet you there?

Mhmm, I’ll meet you there before class. Sleep well, Blaine.

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…Okay. Yeah, sure. I’ll get there. 

I’m really tired. I think I’m just going to go to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow though, right?

You will. 

Okay, goodnight, Blaine. Did you want me to call you or anything? And… Oh, tomorrow, of course. We meeting up to get some coffee first? 

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Anonymous: What would you name your future children?

Hepburn and Tracy. I’ve already thought it all out and talked it over with Blaine.

Quinn’s going to donate the egg.

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I know, Kurt. I know I didn’t fail—she gave me the option to fail or try for a passing grade, and I obviously wasn’t going to choose to fail. It’s not about whether or not I failed, it’s abut the fact that I made that kind of mistake in the first place. I never would have done that a year ago.

How much time? I know last year wasn’t easy for you, either, but it always seemed like you were doing so well at NYADA. Like you belonged there.

Well, Rachel chose to drop out so obviously you’re one step above her. Okay, you learned your lesson, it was one mistake. You’ll make sure to ask about the rules next time and just know the critiques are always solos. No harm done.

… I don’t know, Blaine, it’s different for everyone. I mean, I joined the Adam Apples and that helped with friends, plus I won Midnight Madness and I guess that gave me some status. I worked hard to get used to NYADA and to make myself a part of the school, Blaine. I still work hard. I’m not saying you don’t, I’m just saying it wasn’t easy. But - you’ll get into it too, just like I did, okay? You just need to put yourself out there a bit more.

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Well, I wouldn’t call what I am doing in stage fighting “passing with flying colors”, either. And I know what she said, Kurt, I was there. But it still doesn’t change the fact that I came this close to actually failing. I mean, obviously I didn’t realize it had to be a solo performance, otherwise I never would have agreed to that. I never would have made that mistake before. …Yeah, my solo performance was good, however considering the whole reason I ended up performing it, I’m not too pleased with it. It’s not exactly something I like to think about.

You’re not doing badly, okay? Stop beating yourself up over it. And the fact of the matter is, you didn’t fail, you did fine in the end. The… Circumstances were obviously less than ideal, but emotions fuel the best performances. I mean, I sang Being Alive last year, it was emotional, it was horrible circumstances, but… 

Emotions make performances better. Even the hard to deal with emotions. So please stop picking on this, you did fine, Blaine. And you will get used to all of it, you just need to give yourself time.

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Anonymous: If you had to choose: Wedding in Paris, Central Park or your dad's backyard back in Lima?


Oh god, those are actually hard option. Well, no to my dad’s backyard because I’m not getting married in Lima (mostly because, unfortunately it’s… Still not legal in Ohio and who knows when it will be.)

I’d compromise: married in Central Park, because that’s the city where I want to live the rest of my life, and honeymoon in Paris, the city of romance.

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